President, Founder & Creative Director

Kyle Hosick

About us? actually, it's all about you ...

For almost 20 years, Kyle Hosick has been refining Addrenaline's capabilities and network of contributors to curate one of the best design and marketing firms in Canada.  We've listened closely to our clients and have forged partnerships based on trust, excellent service and revolutionary ideas that are both functional and trend-setting, helping clients look great, reach their markets, and surpass their targets every time.

Addrenaline has worked with businesses both large and small and has helped each client focus their marketing initiatives and build a loyal customer base. Whether we're working with a client to strategize and re-brand, or we're building out their web presence or producing video, at Addrenaline we always approach a project with our trademark enthusiasm and the wealth of knowledge and experience you'll come to rely on.

When you engage us to take on a project we approach it with one goal in mind: achieving results that not only push the boundaries of what others have done before but that also use technology to go where your market lives, and campaigns that resonate with that market. We always reach beyond and we always aim to exceed your expectations. We focus on generating a high return on investment for you. In doing so, we give you personalized attention. We listen to what your objectives are and customize our ideas and work to meet those requirements. As we are so entrenched in the world of online marketing and building brands online we can often offer ideas that you may have not even considered but are a part of our daily existence.

Don't take it from us – listen to what some of our clients have to say about us.

Our services


At Addrenaline we jump right inside your brand. Knowing your market, your audience and your business goals is the key to creating content that is both meaningful and impactful. Our range of experience is so diverse that we present strategies that are all-encompassing—including campaign messaging, public activations, and events that engage and expand your audience.

web design & development

Our design approach involves listening and learning before we begin. We feel great design comes from great research and really getting to the heart of your brand and how best to strengthen it. With that in mind, we look at current web design trends, and which content and display styles can help tell your story best and elevate the user experience.

Bold visuals will work to capture a visitor’s imagination and attention right away.  Whether they’re a potential client, basic user or sponsor our design will position your business with the command and impact it deserves.


We've designed and developed corporate identities for many of our clients and activations. We can create and shape an identity for you that not only resonates with your market, but pushes the envelope in terms of design style and edge.

Communications & Marketing

Choosing and crafting the assets that will make up your campaign is our favorite thing to do. Whether we're scripting text to be read, or scripting for on-camera our understanding of the difference between the two and communication trends is what sets us apart. We shoot unique photos to accompany your messaging, and we create companion videos completely in-house that are broadcast worthy and can be tailored to suit Instagram's formatting and audience demands.

Video Storytelling

Not only do we have the best suite of 4K cameras and video lenses in the business, we know how to use them to create content that is visually stunning and engaging. Addrenaline is known as the BEST when it comes to making people feel at-ease on camera and we will work with you to tell your story in an impactful way whether we're using hired talent, or members of your team. We focus on location scouting and after effects animations that bring our video content to life.

Audio Production

We have a 1,000 square foot audio studio at our warehouse in Oakville that is used to capture professional quality voiceovers and we've even recording bands and musical acts. If your video doesn't sound good it won't be good, no matter how much you invest in visuals.

Social Media Campaigns

No marketing strategy is complete without a fully fleshed out social strategy. We've worked with Public Health Ontario to craft it's 2019 teen vaping strategy and have designed all aspects of this campaign including branding, voice, graphics, audio and video production and social targeting.

We're ready when you are.

Whether you want us to build you a complete campaign that encapsulates a strategy with an implementation roadmap for all platforms, or you simply want us to focus on one of our strengths on your behalf, reach out and lets start communicating about how we can achieve your goals.

the team

  • Kyle Hosick

    I bring a high-voltage creative edge to Addrenaline Media by being innovative, creative and sensible when it comes to design.

    As lead designer and president my work ranges from consulting on new business start-ups which includes project & concept development to web design, graphic design (including logo design, focus group procurement and facilitation), and communications including text composition, business plan development and consulting on corporate core message.

    My clients rely on me for creative advice when it comes to everything from their overall business model right down to their individual design decisions and presentation of their identity and brand whether on-line or in print.

    • Web Design
    • Logo & Brand Design
    • Video Production & Scripting
    • Photography

    What I Do

    I solve problems. Design, marketing, thinking... there's a better way to do everything and I help you elevate your online presence with creative approaches that understand budget and deadlines.


  • Chris Elsworthy

    I distill my clients' knowledge, expertise and passion into compelling and effective content.

    I come from a mixed background of advertising, design and writing. I help people with web design (and website fixes and updates), copywriting, social media, blogging and offer CMS (Content Management System) training and troubleshooting.

    I love finding creative solutions to common problems to get the various elements of your brand working in harmony and ultimately get those all-important marketing dollars achieving the goals they need to.

    • Web Development
    • Copywriting & Editing
    • SEO & Social Media
    • Web Hosting & Email Support

    What I do

    I build websites, train people how to use them, set up web hosting, set up ad words and SEO, copywrite and edit your text - and most importantly: answer the phone when you call.

  • Kim Pines

    Words matter. The right words matter more.

    I provide business/corporate translations, including finance, human resources, marketing and creative adaptation (slogans, new product/concept development, etc.), health & safety, training materials, technical documents and corporate vocabulary/glossary.

    • English/French Translation
    • English/Spanish Translation
    • Copy Editing (English/French/Spanish)
    • Certifications:
      CAN CGSB logoLICS logo

    What I do

    I listen and understand the message you need to get across. I take that message and ensure it is understood by your audience as you intended.

  • Ed Peterson

    Content Management Systems are great for building sites, but their true benefit is that they offer our clients the freedom and flexibility to manage their own content.

    I started programming in 2002 working with JavaScript and HTML, coding pages by hand. I proceeded to learn PHP so that I could create dynamic pages.

    Around 2004 I began working with Content Management Systems (e.g. Joomla, WordPress) because they offered a great base to build websites with. I developed a number of extensions for the Joomla CMS in those early years and was listed as a developer in their extension directory. I am proud to have worked with Joomla for over 15 years, being a part of its development and growth.

    When required I can develop a custom CMS extension in order to meet our client's unique needs, if existing extensions will not achieve their goals.

    • Website Development
    • CMS builds and troubleshooting
    • Full-stack Development

    What I do

    I help clients take their design ideas and functionality goals and turn them into modern, mobile-friendly websites.

  • Jodi Ball

    I've established collaborative relationships with experts in specialized fields and bring partners together as required to best meet the needs of the project.

    I am a consultant specializing in research, strategic planning and community engagement.

    I love engaging clients and stakeholders in the development of policies, plans, and tools to create inclusive and dynamic projects.

    • Planning & Analysis
    • Outreach & Facilitation
    • Project Management

    What I do

    I help clients and project stakeholders understand their roles, and facilitate the strategy, planning and execution of projects (I make sure everyone is happy).

  • Aby Shah

    Customizing code, databases, programs... I love creating unique and finely-tuned solutions to problems or building something from scratch to suit the project.

    I come from a technical background with a specialization in open source technologies. Apart from development, I like to focus on project management and client communication so every project proceeds smoothly and achieves its ultimate goal.

    I hold a bachelor's degree in computer science and have over 7 years of experience in web programming and development.

    • Database and PHP Programming
    • CMS builds and troubleshooting
    • Full-stack Development

    What I do

    I dive into the nuts and bolts of a database or script and create, update or fix whatever is required.

  • Kyle Hosick
  • Chris Elsworthy
  • Kim Pines
  • Ed Peterson
  • Jodi Ball
  • Aby Shah