Branding and Logo Design

Addrenaline understands the psychology behind consumer choices and how the right brand and identity can take a company from part of the pack to the most trusted leader in its field.

We work with you to fully understand your target consumers and what other players in the field are doing to communicate and reach customers.

We then create a modern brand for your company that works to encapsulate the reputation of your business within a contemporary, forward-thinking logo. We are often tasked with consulting on company names prior to even beginning to craft a new brand design.

Designing a brand is often about finding just the right font, and then designing an icon that summarizes the core values and vision of the company within a simple graphic design that is attractive, bold and creates an emotional connection.

In business, logos and brands are equally important as they are in music, clothing and consumer goods. Your business may not gross like Coca-Cola but that doesn’t mean your brand is any less important to your success. The key is presenting a moniker that people will like and associate with your business.

The modern concept of branding grew out of the packaged goods industry and the process of branding has come to include much, much more than just creating a way to identify a product or company. Branding and advertising strategy today is used to create emotional attachment to products and companies. Branding creates a feeling of involvement, a sense of higher quality, and intangible qualities that surround the brand name.