Capitis Consulting

Capitis Consulting chose Addrenaline Media as its partner-of-choice to develop new, digitized sport education products for the Canadian sports leadership market. The project was large, complex, and somewhat unstructured in that it was a new line of products in a space that we hadn’t worked in before.

Addrenaline Media took total ownership of the project and produced online learning products that we are proud to release to market in the Fall. Not only did they lead the project, helping us understand what needed to be done and when, but they also professionally and calmly dealt with the many curve balls that we threw at them through our naivety or sometimes stone-cold stupidity.

We are proud to call them our partner-of-record for digital projects such as this and have already retained them in principle to develop digital marketing content for the launch of the online courseware they have developed for us. We can’t recommend them enough.

Paul Varian | Capitis Founder