Don't just take it from us...
Peterborough Public Health

I personally want to say thank you for all of your hard work and AMAZING customer service on this project. I could not have been more pleased with how this project rolled out. We were under very tight timelines and you guys really dug in to make it happen.

I would highly recommend Addrenaline’s services to anyone. Chris was EXCELLENT to work with on this project. Your response time to technical issues and questions and your efforts to meet the needs (even when they were ever changing!) of anything that I threw at you was impressive, to say the least. We were a great team on this one!

JOB WELL DONE Addrenaline!

Kerri Tojcic, Computer Tech/Analyst
Dianne M. Taylor & Associates Inc.

Kyle at Addrenaline Media was recommended to my firm by a business associate. Best reference I have received in 24 years of business. Kyle transitioned the firm to a new updated website and worked seamlessly with our team.

The support provided by Kyle and Chris since that time has been exemplary. Addrenaline Media has been a fantastic business partner whom I highly recommend!

Andrea Clark-Groden, Director
Cornerstone Special Events Inc.

Chris Elsworthy is the definition of a problem solver! His technical knowledge paired with a keen eye towards customer service and getting things done just can't be beat. He is responsive, positive and most of all patient with clients who aren't overly tech savvy. Always one with a solution and a quick response, I couldn't have finished many projects without Chris on my team. He makes you feel like you're the only client he is focused on (although I'm sure that isn't true).

Kristin Harrison, Chief Event Officer
The Backyard Urban Farm Co.

We came to Addrenaline with very creative pasts, and with high expectations. Chris and Kyle were very responsive, open to our feedback, and worked tirelessly until we were happy, which was something considering our high demands. When it came time to take our site mobile this last year, they were again very connected and in tune with what we wanted.

Chris is always there for us, from minor trouble shooting to major web site renovations. We’re very happy with our relationship with Addrenaline.

Marc & Arlene, Owners
KFL&A/Ontario Public Health

Hi Kyle,

I just wanted to share this with you…they are 2 new vaping prevention ads that came through from Rescue out of the States.

This organization has been in the behaviour change business for over a decade and has focused a lot on tobacco prevention messaging.

I wanted to flag these new ads to demonstrate how on pointe you guys are at Addrenaline with your campaign messaging. Check out both ads they developed and you will see how similar they are to our messaging including even making a play off the Juul name. Rescue goes above and beyond when it comes to only putting things out that are steeped in evidence and yet they came out with similar messages as you developed for Vepidemic.

Similar to when the Truth campaign came out with their Vaping prevention ad which was a satirical rap video AFTER we had released Lil’ Vape.

I just wanted to share this with you so that you can see that not only are you guys on pointe with the 2 largest tobacco prevention marketing campaigns but in both instances you developed the concepts first!!!

All of the red tape we have been hit with over the past year is unfortunate and frustrating but I wanted to just reiterate that we really value all the work you guys do and that you are awesome. It sucks that we can’t run like these other campaigns (Government funded and all) but it is still nice to know that we did it first and that we were right in our approach.


Angela McKercher-Mortimer BCW/YW, CYW